James Lauber

Proven ROI

The Hot Button Workshop addresses:

  • Employee retention
  • Low morale
  • Workplace disruption
  • High stress

We live and work in stressful times. This affects all aspects of our lives. Your investment in this program will provide:

  • Effective stress management strategies
  • Tools to purposefully de-escalate tense interactions
  • The habit of appreciating each other’s contributions

Your results from this customized workshop experience will include:

  • Higher return on your payroll investment
  • Reduced stress and disruption in your workplace
  • Greater team spirit and retention
  • A distinct competitive advantage in your market

The delivery package consists of:

  • An optional baseline Communication Culture Census
  • Customized experiential learning sessions, scheduled at your convenience
  • Reimbursement opportunity through available grant funding
  • Lunch and learn style follow up program
  • An optional follow up Communication Culture Census with analysis

We guarantee results. Let us show you how.

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